The Model 2 Classic was designed to be a simple, stylish go-to strap for all seasons. It’s a 2-piece design made out of unlined, super tough Wickett & Craig leather, cut with a slight taper. The edges are raw, letting them gain a nice patina, and the knots are hand-tied out of thick braided waxed cotton cord for a crafty, hand-made finish. We used both a fixed metal loop as well as a wide leather band for keepers, creating a rugged detail that hints at military straps.


The Model 2 Classic straps are made using leather from Wickett & Craig of Pennsylvania. Founded in 1867, W&C exclusively crafts vegetable tanned leather, which is an older, more time intensive form of tanning using all natural ingredients. We chose their leather for its exceptional toughness and lack of stretch, making our straps last longer and look better.