The Model 2 Premium is a more refined version of our Model 2 Classic strap. For the Premium, we took the same tapering 2-piece strap design, but made it out of a combination of Wickett & Craig vegetable tanned lining and Horween top leather. The edges are now painted with several layers of complimentary color, for a cleaner fit and finish.The knots are hand-tied out of thick braided, waxed cotton cord for a hand-made detail. We used both a fixed metal loop as well as a wide leather band for keepers, creating a rugged detail that hints at military straps. By mixing elements of dress and sport straps, the Model 2 Premium has a retro aesthetic that is simultaneously masculine and elegant. Try this on everything from your beat up tool diver to your dress-casual vintage piece. The Model 2 Premium was designed by worn&wound and manufactured in New York City.