Worn & Wound Strap-Changing Multi-Tool

The Strap-Changing Multi-Tool is the first of its kind and an original worn&wound invention. We took the standard strap-changing tool and redesigned it to add more functionality, without making it larger or bulkier. The tool consists of two capped ends, making it safe to throw in your bag or watch roll, a knurled body for easy grip and two reversible bits. On each bit you have one standard strap changing tip, a poker or a fork, as well as a small flathead screwdriver. Use the poker for drilled lugs, the fork for standard lugs, and screwdrivers for lug bars, bezels, bracelet links, or where ever else they might appear. The bits fit into the body securely, popping into place with a rubber o-ring. To remove a bit, simply grasp the ridge and pull out.

On some occasions, having two screwdrivers is necessary for removing a lug bar, so our multi-tool splits in half transforming into two tools, one for bracing, the other for turning; a worn&wound first. 

Features: .8mm poker, 1.6mm fork, 1.4mm flat head, 1.8mm flat head

Made in China. 

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