Frequently Asked Questions



What size strap does my watch have?

Measure the inside of the lugs on your watch to determine the lug width.Use a ruler or caliper to measure the inside of the lugs on your watch as shown on the picture above. This measurement in millimeters is your watch strap size.

lug width size

Do you sell watches too?

The worn&wound Shop mainly sells watch accessories. All watches shown on the shop are for representation only and are not included.  At various times we may have collaboration watches which will be marked accordingly.

I am not sure what color to choose, can you help?

Absolutely, send us an email with the contact form and we will help you choose.

Where can I see your products in person?

To purchase or view a selection of our products visit one of our retailers:

Brooklyn - Modern Anthology

How do I care for my watch strap?

Care for your strap using the same methods of care that you would a shoe. We like Allen Edmonds care products the best for treating nubuck and full grain leather. Remember that the inside of the strap will make contact with your skin and should not need any care besides cleaning in most cases.

Do you make custom straps or sizes?

At this point we cannot make custom straps or sizing.

Can you add holes to my strap to fit my large or small wrist?

Our straps are stamped in production and cannot be modified before sending. You can take them to a leather maker for a custom fit but modified straps can no longer be returned.

Do worn&wound straps fit smart watches?

Yes they do. We have currently tested the following smart watches:

  • LG G Watch
  • Pebble Watch - excluding steel version
  • Moto 360 - Notching may be necessary

Where are your straps made?

All of our straps and cases are produced in the state of New York, USA.

A color that you used to have in your store is now no longer shown, will it come back?

In most cases no. Our straps are made with the amount of leather that we have in stock until it is used up. If the page shows that we are out of stock, we are currently in production on more stock and it will return.

You show an item as out of stock, can I pre-order it?

We do not take pre-orders. But you can sign up to be notified when a product is back on stock at the specific product page.

Shipping Questions

What are your shipping options?

Please add the items you are interested to your cart and put in your country and postal code. This will give you your specific area shipping options.

The tracking number for my order shows no progress. What's going on?

After we ship an item it can take up to 48 hours for the USPS and other carriers to show progress.

What is your return policy?

Please refer to our return policy

When will my item ship?

During November and December our warehouse is at full capacity.  During this timeframe orders will ship in a few days or sometimes up to a week or more.

When will my item arrive?

During November and December our warehouse is at full capacity.  During this timeframe orders will ship in a few days or sometimes up to a week or more.  In order to ensure delivery before December 25th, please place an order on or before December 14th.

International orders usually ship USPS from Brooklyn, NY. Transit time can be found here:

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