EDC Watch Fold - Navy


The EDC Watch Fold is inspired by modern outdoors and EDC gear. Featuring 1000D nylon fabric, neoprene and 550 paracord, it's built to last and take a beating. The twin pockets then let you carry much more than the size suggests, easily carrying two watches, a watch and some gear or perhaps just some gear. The neoprene expands to accommodate many shapes, while still keeping them secure. 

The EDC Watch Fold - Navy is a fun, slightly-nautical take on the theme. It features a navy 1000D nylon exterior and gray neoprene pockets, with bright yellow interior, red flecked yellow paracord and a red toggle. The blue exterior and gray pockets have a cool, conservative style, while the highlights of yellow and red make it easy to find in a bag, or on the deck. 

The EDC Watch Fold measures 12" long when open or 5.75” long when folded by 2.75” wide.

Cut, Assembled & Sewn in USA

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