Mil-Strap Horween - Moss


The rich, waxy Chromexcel Horween leather used with the Mil-Strap Horween - Moss has an unusual earthy color that is somewhere between green and brown. It has a very strong pull-up effect when the leather is stressed, revealing bright sandy colors underneath the surface, giving the leather a dynamic range of tones. We left the edges of the Moss unfinished, showing the brown core, which adds to the outdoorsy  appeal. The Moss has been finished with natural thread, which brings out those brighter sand tones.  

Dimensions: 11.5 x .08in / 292 x 2mm

Currently available in the following lug widths: 20 + 22mm

Horween Leather - Made in USA

Cut, Assembled & Sewn in USA

Hardware - Imported

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