Model 2 Cordovan - Burgundy


The Shell Cordovan for the Model 2 Cordovan Burgundy is a deep, plum color that is dark and mysterious. At a glance it might appear jet-black, but as the light hits it, the warm tones within are revealed adding depth. We accented the Burgundy with charcoal linen thread for a sleek palette that looks especially good against titanium and matte metals, as well as vintage dress pieces.

*Model 2 straps are best suited for wrists 6.5” and up.

Currently available in 18 and 22mm with polished hardware. Springbars included.

Dimensions: Buckle side: 80mm / 3.1"  |  Hole side: 125mm / 4.9"  |  Thickness: ≈ 2.5 - 3mm / .12"

Comipel Cordovan Leather - Made in Italy

Cut, Assembled & Sewn in USA

Hardware - Imported

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