Model 2 Premium - Olive


Olive is a classic worn&wound offering and one of our most popular colors. For the premium version we reinforced the oily, earthy qualities of the Horween Chamois top leather with brown edge paint, khaki thread and natural lining. This is an obvious choice for military inspired watches.

Currently available in 18, 20 + 22mm with polished hardware. Springbars included

Dimensions: Buckle side: 80mm / 3.1"  |  Hole side: 125mm / 4.9"  |  Thickness: ≈ 2.4mm / .09"

Please note the Model 2 Premium straps run 1mm wide to ensure a tight fit with no gap. As such, if you are looking for an odd size, such as 19 or 21mm, choose the strap size below it.

Horween, Wickett & Craig Leather - Made in USA

Cut, Assembled & Sewn in USA

Hardware - Imported

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